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At McCarthy Panel Works we believe in using the right tools for the right job! We recently completed a major upgrade to our facility so as to allow us to provide a higher level of quality for our customers. The main feature of these upgrades was a a brand new shed stocked full of the latest and most advanced equipment being used in the Panel and Spray Painting Industry today. The new building not only allows us to accomdate more customers but also allows us to extend our services to larger vehicles, due to the oversized Spray Booth. . We take safety and our environment seriously at McCarthy Panel Works and the upgrade has allowed the inclusion of waste disposal pits to ensure no run off imapct. We use Water Bourne Paints to minimise impact. We comply and exceed all industry saftey standards and consistently make an effort to create a positive work enviroment.


At McCarthy Panel Works we invest in the latest state of the art equipment and utalise the latest technology available which allows us to achieve the highest stadard in vehichle repairs. Our Equipment and Lisencing include: